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Opis Specialized trading and service company, established in 1991, fully devoted finding and offering solutions to underwater waste problems. We represent world renowned Swiss and Swedish manufacturers Mariner 3S and WEDA. Using the newest available tehnologies, with more than 50 years of experiance in the water industry. Combined with high quality and durable materials result in state of the art tehnological solution. The established underwater cleaning technologies include : Robots for public and private swimming pools. We also offer solution for cleaning of many underwater surfaces like drinking water plants, waste water treatment plants with specalized robots that include underwater cameras, lamps and precise motor controls to avoid creating turbidity. Our robots are also used in industrial cooling tanks, accumulation tanks, irrigation pools and many more. The greatest advantage of these robots is, that the operation of plants and factories can work undisturbed while the cleaning is done. Our facilites include sales, service, rental and consulting. 
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                    Robots for removing sediment out of fluid tanks

                    Searching new clients with water treatment plants, drinking water plants, waste, glass, steel, paper industry, agriculture, etc. with accumulation or cooling tanks, that require underwater robots, for open or enclosed spaces equipped with cameras, lights and exchangable high performance pumps for transferring fluids. Removed fluids can be channeled through existing filters, specially designed filters for specific applications or total removal of fluid into waste (sometimes done in drinking water plants where no hazard to enviroment exists). The goal is to remove sedimentation pile up out of tanks to avoid emptying and remove by hand or other wasteful methods. The greatest advantage is uninterrupted operation of plants during cleaning process.

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                    Underwater cleaners for public and private pools.

                    Searching for new clients like hotels, public swimming pools.

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