Klavdija Perger

Turistično gostinska zbornica Slovenije
DescriptionTourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia is a chamber with around 300 members, mostly SMEs and large companies of the Slovenian tourism and hospitality sector, employing over 9000 people. It is a leading partner in Slovenian RIS3 priority area "sustainable tourism". The chamber is active in development of national regulation in the area of tourism and hospitality and is acting as an intermediary between the government and private sector in all tourism and hospitality-related questions, such as Collective agreement bargaining. We are an important link between tourism industry and national institutions (ministries, government offices and bureaus) and educational institutions. We are a significant stakeholder in preparation, implementation and evaluation phase for different strategic documents and strategies on national and international level.
Phone+386 15898225
CityLjubljana, Dimičeva 13 Google map