Aleksander BASTL

general manager
BASS d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday 02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

We are the leading slovenian IT company for implementation of comprehensive computer and IT solutions for complex use.

Our main bussiness area is

municipal economy, mass billing systems and other complex IT systems.

Supporting business proccess with quality and reliability of our solutions are the basics of our business vision – maintain the leading position on the goal market with quality and technological perfection of our software solutions.


•       IT software solutions for public services

•       BILLING – mass data

•       PUBLIC SERVICES management

•       E-bill/invoice processing

•       Over 70% of all public services in SLO

•       ISO 9001 supported

•       IEEE 29148-2011 system and SW engineering life cycle processes

Organization Type Company
CityCELJE, Ulica XIV. divizije 14 Google map
Areas of Activities



    IT solutions

    IT solutions for mass billing, public services, BI, big data, ...

    Keywords: IT solutionsbig datamass billingpublic serviceskomunalacjkp
    Cooperation Offered
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. License agreement
    3. Sales / Distribution

    JAVA solutions development

    Solutions development for some parts of our program.

    Keywords: Billing SolutionsDigitisation of business processSelling software solutionsSupport for software solutionspublic servicesdocument digitisation
    Cooperation Offered
    1. License agreement
    2. Technical co-operation
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution
    2. Technical co-operation
    3. Outsourcing co-operation