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Netico Solutions d.o.o

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DescriptionNetico is a company established in 2010 and based in Switzerland, the Zurich/Horgen region. The company operates through its parent company Netico GmbH, its branch in Serbia (Netico Solutions d.o.o in Nis, Serbia) and the network of the system integrators. Netico deals with the development, production, sales, and integration of products and services in the field of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) as well as the digitization of industrial systems and plants. It employs engineers of different profiles for the development of hardware, firmware, application software, mechanical frames, the design of telecommunication systems and for the development, design, and maintenance in the field of electric power. The company is predominantly oriented towards the development of devices and systems grounded in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) principles. In recent years, Netico has developed products and systems in the following area: - Monitoring (sub-metering) and management of electricity consumption for the needs of industrial facilities (factories, plants, etc.), commercial facilities (hotels, office buildings, sales centers, etc.), electricity trade support, etc. - Monitoring of the electrical distribution network for the needs of electricity distribution companies; (monitoring of transformers, monitoring of leads in transformer stations, detection of a failure on low voltage leads) - Monitoring of renewable energy sources (solar panels, small hydropower plants, wind generators, etc.) - Monitoring and management of the public lighting system Netico systems for monitoring and managing power consumption are based on the Netico NTPM100 energy sensor as well as the Hive – energy management server application that is also suitable for use in the cloud (details for these two products are found in the addition of this short profile). In recent years, Netico has developed a universal platform for the implementation of the industrial automation system (Netico Edge platform). The fourth industrial revolution brings the need for efficient connection of the physical and digital world. Netico Edge platform provides an ideal bridge where it is essential to ensure efficient data acquisition, processing (analytics) and possibilities for open communication. Netico has developed a product line that provides efficient solutions to complex tasks in any industrial environment. Based on the Netico Edge platform, products or systems applications have been developed for the needs of realization of systems for: - Oil pipeline monitoring and fluid leak detection (crude oil and petroleum products transportation systems, water supply systems, pipelines in mines, pipelines at airports, etc.). The basis of this applications is the Netico Edge Hunter Sense product or Netico Leak Hunter system; - Monitoring of rotating machines by recording sound for diagnostics and preventive maintenance (generators, turbines, motors, large pumps, etc.). The base of this system is the Netico Acoustic Sense product with its accompanying analytics based on artificial intelligence/machine learning – deep learning algorithms; - Monitoring and management of distribution transformer stations (medium voltage to low voltage) for the needs of the implementation of “smart grid” solutions for distribution companies. Netico “smart grid” applications are based on our Netico Substation Master product. With the use of Netico SM100 and Netico NTPM100 energy sensor, we provide electricity distribution companies with the efficient monitoring and management of the distribution network in terms of: fast detection of failures, sectioning of the network – isolating the fault location and restoring the power supply in the shortest time, providing all the necessary measurement data for the detection of losses, increased reliability, more efficient management, maintenance and planning of distribution network; - Monitoring and management of the water supply system (monitoring reservoirs, pipelines, leak detection on main pipelines, monitoring pumps, etc.) The basis of these applications are Netico Edge, NTPM100, Hive server; - The more detailed description of the Netico Edge product series (NT Hunter Sense, Netico Leak Hunter, NT Acoustic Sense, NT Substation Master) is included in the addition of this profile. In the last two years, Netico has paid special attention to the development of advanced algorithms for the implementation of analytical functions based of artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) for estimating losses in distribution networks, estimating losses in transmission systems for transport of electricity, estimating demands in electric power systems. Netico company has also developed a metrological high accuracy device, Netico Transformer Sense, for testing amplitude and phase errors of power measuring transformers for power distribution companies for voltage levels of 10kV, 20kV, 35KV, 110kV. In deregulated electricity market conditions, with a large number of connected power sources at different voltage levels, the measurement of the taken energy depends directly on the accuracy of the applied power measuring transformers (which are in most cases very old with degraded metrological characteristics). By a unique method, we have managed to ensure for our users that the complete procedure for testing / determining the amplitude and phase errors of the power measuring transformers is carried out under voltage (without switching power off), which is of a great importance for power distribution companies. With the application of Netico Transformer Sense and Netico NTPM100 energy sensor, it is possible to recalibrate or reclassify each measuring point (regardless of the voltage level) on the distribution network with minimal costs. Our company is also very active in providing system integration services (EPC), based on a turn-key system, in the field of industrial automation in the following areas: implementation of complex “smart grid” systems for the needs of electricity distribution companies (the delivery of systems for remote monitoring and control of medium voltage distribution networks, applications have been delivered to many electricity distribution companies in the region), modernization of telecommunication system for the needs of power distribution systems, oil transport systems; implementation of a low voltage distribution network monitoring system for the needs of electricity distribution companies; the implementation of the electricity consumption monitoring systems for the needs of industrial plants with all related analytics.
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