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DescriptionTourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia acts as an umbrella association in the Slovenian tourism industry. We are an important link between tourism industry and national institutions (ministries, government offices and bureaus) and educational institutions. We are a significant stakeholder in preparation, implementation and evaluation phase for different strategic documents and strategies on national level and also on international level. Our main activities consist of supporting our members (over 300 companies, which employ more than 8000 employees) - by having such a big and diverse membership we are obliged to closely follow all sub-elements of tourism industry, spanning from tour guides (national mandate for licensing), travel agencies and tour operators (national mandate for licensing), hoteliers (national mandate for Slovenian categorization system), restaurants (annual professional hospitality competition), casinos, spa centres,… We closely follow law regulations in the tourism field and organize trainings/seminars for our members and also other interested target groups. We are the key organization in the advocacy in the area of tourism, hoteling, hospitality in the policy making process. Moreover the aim of the chamber is to provide networking – connect national and foreign investors, to target and present good practices in tourism in national and worldwide area. Amongst our main goals there are increasing the income in tourism and in relations to that to add the value. Our activites are focused in implementing the Smart specialization in tourism into all levels in tourism as we are bringing the knowledge and skills from digitalization field that can simplify the work process in touristic organizations. Our most important project for the last few years and has been STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM - SRIPT (2016-2021) that is based on smart specialization strategy - S4. New national partnership SRIPT was formed in 2016 in which our Chamber took the role of a leading partner. We coordinate around 50 members (companies, universities, regional touristic institutes,…) with a goal to unite different Slovenian tourism stakeholders in a platform. Our main activities are to identify good practices and share them amongst our members, to organize different professional workshops, act as a coordinator between the national institutions and SRIPT members,… The SRIPT strategy includes activities in four priority fields. Information-based marketing and networking through the creation of innovative, comprehensive and sustainable tourist products and services in accordance with future needs. Offering know-how to improve the quality of services. To establish technological solutions for the sustainable use of resources. To promote the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – systematic approach to the integration, guidance and development of sustainable tourism. In this field, tourist and hospitality services will interconnect with consultants, promoters of certification programs, research and education organizations, non-governmental and other professional organizations, providers or marketing research, marketing agencies, local and organic foods suppliers, developers and promoters of authentic green tourist experiences with the objective of introducing in tourist and hospitality facilities sustainable operations and integration processes that would improve sustainability and increase demand, consequently the offer and self-sufficiency. We are included in various of national and international network. Amongst them is HOTREC (European network of hotels) that is implementing the Hostelstars categorization in v Slovenia, which is very important as we are recognized as an outstanding green country. Other networks are EFCO (European camps), ECTAA (European tourist agencies),…
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    Our idea is to connect with different organizations in the field of tourism for future projects.

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